The brutal murder of Danile Zamudio, a young gay man, has prompted a national debate in Chile over hate crimes, the AP reported.

Zamudio died Tuesday night from injuries he received during an attack in a park in Santiago on March 3. Police have arrested 4 suspects who have been charged with beating Zamudio for an hour, burning him with cigarettes and carving Nazi symbols into his body.

On Wednesday, prosecutor Ernesto Vazquez requested that the charges against the jailed suspects be changed from attempted murder to premeditated murder. If convinced, the men, whose ages range from 19 to 26, face life in prison.

Hundreds of people attended daily vigils outside the hospital where Zamudio lost his fight for life after 25 days.

Zamudio's death, which has been described as a clear case of homophobia, prompted President Sebastian Pinera to pledge passage of an anti-discrimination bill which was first proposed in 2005.

“His death will not remain unpunished and reinforces the complete commitment of the government against all arbitrary discrimination and for a more tolerant country,” Pinera tweeted from South Korea.

Evangelical churches have lobbied heavily against the proposed measure, arguing it would lead to the eventual legalization of gay marriage.