In response to Rep. David Bates' proposed repeal of New Hampshire's gay marriage law, Rep. Seth Cohn will propose a marriage ban on left-handed people.

On Tuesday, Bates announced that he would introduce a resolution calling for a non-binding ballot question on whether the state should replace the state's 2-year-old gay nuptials law with civil unions.

Bates, a Republican, stated that he would offer the referendum as an amendment to his already introduced bill which seeks to repeal the law.

Bates, who has disputed the accuracy of polls showing that a majority of voters support the current law, said his referendum would let the voters weigh in on the issue.

“There will be no more guessing, no more arguing or debating over dueling polls, just the actual voice of the people telling us what their will is on this issue,” Bates told reporters.

According to NBC affiliate WPTZ, Cohn, a Republican, plans to introduce his own amendment to the bill when it comes up for debate, possibly as early as Wednesday.

The amendment would bar a left-handed person from marrying another left-handed person.

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