Singer Ricky Martin has said he's turned on by his boyfriend Carlos Gonzalez's suit-and-tie career.

The 40-year-old Martin made his comments in a cover story with gay glossy The Advocate.

On playing a character inspired by the revolutionary Che Guevara in the Broadway revival of Evita, Martin said he has been preparing for the role his entire life.

“I get to feel many things. I can go from anger to love to uncertainty within 30 minutes of the show,” Martin said. “That's amazing because that's what my life has been about for the last three years – feeling. Not sabotaging any kind of emotions. Letting everything just come through me and verbalize it.”

“The man I'm portraying is all about the people and working for human beings. And since I came out, I've been verbal about the importance of equality and what needs to be said. That's what Che is about too. This is going to be my inspiration, my motivation every night.”

And of his stockbroker boyfriend of nearly four years, Martin said: “I think he's so sexy. He's very smart. That is such a turn-on. He leaves the house every day in a suit and tie and that is so sexy. It's two different worlds – his and mine. I know as much about his world as he knows about my world, which makes it really cool.”