Cardinal Timothy Dolan has said that New York Republican leaders “burned” the Roman Catholic Church on the issue of gay marriage.

In January, Dolan was elevated to cardinal during a ceremony in Rome. The 61-year-old Dolan, as president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), has led Catholic opposition to gay marriage laws in the United States.

With the help of four Senate Republicans, New York became the sixth state to legalize gay marriage last year.

“We got burned last year when we were told the redefinition of marriage didn't have much of a chance – and, of course, it did,” Dolan told the New York Daily News.

“Our Senate leaders, we highly appreciate them being with us all along,” he explained. “When they kind of assured us it didn't have much of a chance – not that we let up – but we probably would have been much more vigorous and even more physically present if we knew there was a chance.”

Dolan, who was attending a conference across the country when the final tally was taken, added: “We got a little stung, and it could be as much our fault as anyone else's.”

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