Gay activist Dan Savage believes a referendum on gay marriage in Washington state would be a “nail biter.”

Opponents of the state's recently-approved gay marriage law have vowed to put it up to a popular vote.

Savage, the creator of the It Gets Better project and the editor of Seattle weekly The Stranger, said opponents are up to “very dirty tricks.”

“They're going to try to put two referendums on the ballot, one that you'll have to vote yes on, one that you'll have to vote no on to keep marriage equality in Washington state,” Savage told 97.3 KIRO FM's Ross and Burbank Show. “They're doing it to confuse voters.”

Savage also rejected opponents' argument that gay people are attempting to redefine marriage.

“The issue is that straight people have redefined to a point where it no longer makes any logical sense to exclude same-sex couples from that institution.”

“A marriage can be religious or not, monogamous or not, there can be children or not, basically when it's an opposite sex couple, anything goes. They get to define what marriage is for themselves. From that institution, under the equal protections clause of the constitution, you cannot exclude same-sex couples, there is no rational basis. That's what courts keep finding,” Savage added.