GOP lawmakers in the Colorado House are evenly split on civil unions, Speaker Pro Tem Kevin Priola has said.

Speaking to the Denver Post, Priola, a Republican who has publicly supported civil unions, said the GOP House caucus is divided “one third, one third, one third” in favor, opposed and undecided on the issue.

The debate on government recognition for gay couple has split Republicans, Priola said.

“You see it nationally with the Santorum and Romney race,” he told the paper.

A civil unions bill died last year in a Republican-controlled House committee after the Senate gave its approval. Supporters reintroduced the measure this year and the House remains its highest hurdle to clear.

Supporters have said the House would approve the measure if it only reached the floor for a vote, despite a GOP 1 seat majority.

“If we can just flip one person in committee, we can get this passed,” said House Minority Leader Mark Ferrandino, an openly gay Democrat who last year sponsored the bill in the House.

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