George Takei is hoping to convince Donald Trump to back marriage for gay and lesbian couples.

Takei married longtime partner Brad Altman in California. The couple was the first to receive a gender-neutral marriage license in West Hollywood on June 17, 2008. Voter approval of Proposition 8, however, put an end to the gay weddings taking place in California. Roughly 18,000 gay couples remain married in the state, include Takei and Altman.

On Saturday, Takei tweeted that Trump had accepted his offer to discuss the issue over lunch.

“Donald Trump has accepted my lunch invitation to hear me out on same-sex marriage,” Takei messaged to his nearly 300,000 followers. “Hope I can change his mind!”

According to the New York Daily News, Takei, who appears in the current season of Trump's The Celebrity Apprentice, first extended the invitation on Thursday.

“Next time I'm in New York, Mr. Trump, I might take you to Jean Georges for lunch, and maybe we can discuss marriage equality,” Takei proposed during an Apprentice conference call.

“You would be the perfect guy to teach me,” Trump answered. “You have a deal.”

During Trump's brief flirtation with a run at the White House as a Republican, he said he was opposed to marriage and civil unions for gay couples. Trump said he opposed gay nuptials because he doesn't “feel good about it.”