A Rhode Island columnist has accused Ron Paul of being a hypocrite on gay rights issues.

Bradley Silverman, a columnist for The Brown Daily Herald, accused Paul of not being a true libertarian, paying special attention to Paul's support of anti-gay measures at the state level.

“Paul advocates for a small federal government, but it would be wrong to conflate his position with that of the libertarian,” Silverman wrote. “The truth is that he would accept a government of broad and expansive powers, so long as it is a state government.”

Paul has previously voted against a federal amendment which would limit marriage to two people of the opposite sex. Gay marriage foes have criticized Paul's position on the issue.

“Nowhere is Paul's hypocrisy more evident than in his sponsorship of the We the People Act, which would prevent the Supreme Court and all federal courts from adjudicating claims based on the right to privacy with regard to issues of 'sexual practices, orientation or reproduction,' or on equal protection of the law with regard to the right of homosexuals to marry.”

“So if Paul is not a libertarian, is there a name for what he is?”

“With regard to gay rights, Paul is concerned with the distribution of oppressive power across different levels of government, not actually with eliminating such power altogether. He is a federalist, not a libertarian. Or, if you prefer, he is an anti-federalist, a term from the early days of the republic for those who opposed the centralization of power in a strong national government. Either way, these are more apt descriptions of Paul. He's not a libertarian for the simple reason that libertarians unconditionally advocate, well, liberty.”