Paul Babeu on Monday said the Mitt Romney campaign does not have a problem with his sexual orientation.

During an appearance on CNN's The Situation Room, Babeu told host Wolf Blitzer that he stepped down on Saturday as a co-chairman of Mitt Romney's Arizona campaign because of the media attention currently being given to his personal life.

Babeu is the 43-year-old sheriff of Pinal County, Arizona who is running to represent the people of the 4th District of Arizona as a Republican. At a press conference on Saturday, Babeu acknowledged that he is gay while denying charges that he threatened to have his Mexican national ex-boyfriend deported.

When Blitzer asked Babeu why he decided to step down from the Romney campaign if he had done nothing wrong, Babeu answered, “I didn't want this to splash over on Mitt or any of the candidates.”

“The allegations or the fact that you're gay?”

“This controversy. Certainly not that I'm gay,” Babeu answered. “The Romney campaign, and I don't think anybody, should have a problem with my personal life and who I am. It doesn't take away from patriotism or my service. And if you asked any of the candidates that, I don't think that they would disagree with that.”

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