CNN's Don Lemon on Sunday noted that Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu is the latest in a string of “gay conservative closet cases.”

In a 3-minute No Talking Points segment titled GOP's Gay Skeletons, Lemon asks, “Who knew there was any room left in there?” and reminds viewers of gay GOP scandals of the past, including Idaho Senator Larry Craig and former Florida Rep. Mark Foley.

On Babeu, who acknowledged he's gay in the course of denying claims he threatened to have his ex-boyfriend, a Mexican national, deported, Lemon gave the congressional candidate points for not denying his sexual orientation: “To our knowledge, he has never denied being gay, or to our knowledge has he ever pushed for anti-gay measures.”

Lemon, however, kept quiet on the fact that Babeu has supported many candidates who are opposed to gay rights, including Arizona Senator John McCain – who has defended Babeu – and former Arizona State Senator Timothy Bee, who introduced Arizona's constitutional amendment which defines marriage as a heterosexual union.

After noting that Democratic New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey was involved in a gay sex scandal, Lemon added, “But the question is: Why are there so many more examples of gay conservative closet cases? Perhaps the GOP's own repressive platform is the very thing that forces gay members to live a lie, and wouldn't it be easier and a whole lot less embarrassing to just come out?” (Watch the segment at CNN.)

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