A gay marriage bill could be introduced as early as this week in Rhode Island, GoLocalProv.com reported.

Marriage Equality Rhode Island (MERI) Executive Director Ray Sullivan said the marriage bill would be part of the group's legislative agenda.

“We're absolutely coming back with a marriage bill this year,” Sullivan said. “A lot of politicians would prefer that we just go away and not continue to push this issue, but we will not go away until we see the governor sign this bill into law.”

The measure is expected to be sponsored by Representative Art Handy in the House and Senator Rhonda Perry in the Senate.

Rhode Island lawmakers last year abandoned efforts to approve a gay marriage bill in favor of civil unions over the loud opposition of many gay rights activists.

Governor Lincoln Chafee signed civil unions into law but added that he supports marriage for gay couples.

“I remain committed to the passage of marriage equality, but democracy is about compromise,” Chafee said. “I am convinced that Rhode Island will someday have full marriage equality and I intend to play a role in that effort.”

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