In a op-ed, Rev. Ken Hutcherson says he opposes Washington state's proposed gay marriage law because “unrepentant” homosexuality kills.

Testifying before lawmakers, Hutcherson, senior pastor at the Antioch Bible Church and spokesperson for the Stand for Marriage Coalition, accused lawmakers of second guessing God: “So you're telling me that you know better than God. You're telling me that God is not right by limiting marriage to just a man and a woman. You're doing the same thing. You're just saying God is too narrow minded, but you're just as narrow minded, because you just want to give it to two men or two women.”

In his op-ed, published after lawmakers approved the measure, Hutcherson said God would harshly judge a society which encourages homosexuality.

“And since I am a pastor and God has commanded me to love everyone, I will do what it takes to love them. That does not mean I will accept that they stay the way they are. Unrepentant sin destroys you and will kill you. So if I believe the word of God, that He will bring judgment on a people, then I would be a very bad shepherd not to warn those people.”

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