Ricky Martin has taken a swipe at an “ex-gay” report aired on Univision's newsmagazine Aqui y Ahora.

The Spanish language program, which is viewed by approximately 3.2 million people, featured Ernan Hernandez, a young man who says he's no longer gay, and Miguel Carpizo, a man who attempted to alter his sexuality through a program offered by Exodus International, a ministry that believes homosexuality can and should be altered.

“Reparative” therapy left Carpizo, a former minister, depressed, which led to a nervous breakdown. Two years ago, he divorced his wife.

Media advocacy and anti-defamation group GLAAD criticized the segment in a blog post, calling it unbalanced and saying producers allowed Hernandez to “make false claims about success in changing sexual orientation.”

“The segment also neglected to report that organizations such as Exodus are often not licensed and have been discredited by major mainstream psychological associations,” the group added.

Host Maria E. Salinas asked viewers to weigh in on whether sexuality could be altered.

In a tweet, Martin, who came out gay in his 2010 memoir Me, replied to Salinas in Spanish: “It's inborn. The heterosexual is born or made? ;o.” (“@MariaESalinas Se nace. El heterosexual nace o se hace? ;o.”)