A 15-year-old girl on Thursday pleaded with New Jersey lawmakers to let her gay dads marry.

Michael and Jon Galluccio testified in front of the New Jersey Assembly Committee considering a bill which would make New Jersey the seventh state to legalize gay marriage.

Michael told lawmakers that he and Jon have been together 30 years and are raising three children: Madison, Adam and Rosa.

“On April 16, Jon and I will be celebrating our 30th anniversary,” Michael testified. “For 30 years I have loved, honored, respected, cherished in sickness and in health. And I can guarantee to you, it will be until death do us part.”

Madison testified that she was out to win marriage equality for her dads.

“We are battling marriage equality today, something I intend on winning. We're here because a lot of people think my family is different. And you want to make us feel different, don't you? Because I feel different, because you want us to feel different. You give us a civil union. I don't know what that is. … I don't understand and it's very hard for me to explain to my friends.”

“New Jersey has made me feel discriminated, like I'm some sort of outcast. But guess what New Jersey, I'm no outcast. I'm Madison Galluccio and I'm part of the Galluccio family. My parents will be married. And I'll make sure that this happens 'til the day that I die.”

A tearful Madison added: “So please, will you help me? Help me feel equal. We're no different. I'm no different. And I shouldn't have to be forced to feel I'm different. This is my family. And I want us to be able to have the same rights as you. So New Jersey, please give me my freedom. Thank you.”