Money guru Suze Orman has released a new video on what gay couples can do to financially protect themselves in the absence of marriage.

In the 2-minute Ask The Expert video from NewNowNext, Orman, who is openly gay, reminds legally married couples that they are not completely protected because the federal government does not recognize the marriages of gay and lesbian couples.

“I want you all to listen to me right now, 'cause I really have some news that you need to understand,” Orman said. “Even though your state may say that you can legally get married in that state, the truth of the matter is the federal government does not, does not, and does not recognize it.”

“If you happen to have a good amount of money and one of you dies, the other one possibly could pay estate tax even if you are married in the state that you live in.”

Orman went on to urge gay couples to find other vehicles to protect themselves.

“If you live in a state that doesn't recognize it, that doesn't prevent you from setting up a will, a living revokable trust, making sure your loved one is the beneficiary on your policies.”

“Marriage in your state is not what's going to make your life perfect with this person. What makes your life perfect with somebody is the fact that you have taken the steps to take care of them no matter what happens.”

“So don't let laws stop you from being somebody who takes action to take care of their mate,” she added. (Watch the video at lesbian entertainment website