Singer Adam Lambert has said finding love before boyfriend Sauli Koskinen was elusive.

The 29-year-old Lambert told Yahoo! Music that he spent years “fixing” the wrong guys.

When asked if his relationship with Koskinen had influenced his music, Lambert answered “definitely.”

“And then also before my relationship, just that previous two years, there was a lot of me trying to find love and it not working out. Not at all.”

“Before [American] Idol and then after Idol there's a lot of me trying to be a fixer. I was that kind of guy. I'd meet someone who had so much potential that needed help. I think that was kind of my curse for a long time.”

Lambert said that he is “fully embracing the gay community” on his new album Trespassing, set to be released on March 20.

And he added that the track Outlaws of Love is a look at the discrimination the gay community faces.

“When I wrote this song, I was directly referring to the sadness that I felt in taking in the adversity that the gay community faces on every level: marriage, bullying, acceptance of all kinds, our presence in the entertainment community, politics, all of it. … There's been a lot of music in pop lately with inspirational messages saying, 'It's okay to be different, you can do it!' But this is a song that's like, 'Fuck, it sucks sometimes!' It really sucks, and it makes me sad. And that's the reality of it. My last album was all about escapism, for the most part, and this album's more about reflecting on the human condition. So sometimes it's sad.” (Watch the entire interview at Yahoo! Music.)