Opponents of a proposed North Carolina constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage launched on Wednesday their campaign to defeat the measure at the ballot box in May.

The measure, if approved by voters, would bar the state from recognizing the unions of gay and lesbian couples with marriage, civil unions and possibly domestic partnerships.

At a morning press conference in downtown Raleigh, the Coalition to Protect All North Carolina Families warned that the amendment could have far reaching implications beyond merely banning marriage.

The group launched the campaign with a pair of videos.

In one, everyday people discuss their reasons for opposing the measure.

“The amendment coming up on May eighth,” a man says. “The reputation of North Carolina is on the line again. And it's a question of what kind of state we are and who we're going to be.”

“It would mean that for my work I'm not getting the same benefits and that I can't provide for the people I love,” a woman dressed in purple says. (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

Organizers said they wanted to have 1 million conversions with people before the vote.

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