Cleveland Browns quarterback Brady Quinn finds himself in a syrupy mess after a 911 tape surfaced this week claiming he and a group of friends were physically and verbally harassing gay people at a bar in Columbus, Ohio. The Browns were quick to come to his defense and issued a release saying Quinn denies he was involved in any altercation whatsoever. Wait hold a sec Mr. Quinn, didn't the Columbus police already place you at the scene of the incident?

I'm going to take over your bus, drive it to the Lexus dealership and buy everyone on board a new car or drive the bus off a high cliff making my escape through an open window with the only available parachute. Keep reading to find out which.

As Senator John McCain inches closer towards the Republican nomination, gay Republicans are hoping he will clarify his positions on gay rights and pitch a “big tent”. However, Senator Larry Craig is not one of those gay Republicans, as he is not gay – the Idaho Senator just has a wide stance. It was again that wide stance that got him reprimanded this week by the Senate Ethics Committee.

Here's a picture of me and Donald Trump!

Gay rights and human rights often go hand in hand, there are 85 countries which outlaw homosexuality according to the United Nations. This week Egypt took things a step further by arresting HIV people on the assumption they had acquired the disease by homosexual means. But in the United States pressure from an impending lawsuit has worked to drop a ban on HIV positive diplomats.

It was our own Gay Entertainment Report which brought us news of GLBT Muslim themed films being screened at the Berlin Film Festival. Of the 3, A Jihad For Love wins my heart as it moves between 12 Islamic countries interviewing gays & lesbians. A list of favorites to win Golden Bears can be found here.

Thursday was the dippiest holiday on the calendar and I found myself working late in my office with a sickening headache and an iPod Touch playing some soothing Jamie Cullum, but at the encouragement of a co-worker, after telling me of his exquisite Valentines plans, I dash to the Double Trouble for a drink.

At Double Trouble it's celebrity drag queen bingo night and I overhear “BINGO!” as I order my Chocolate Fluffer Nutter martini from Joel the bartender. Suddenly, the drag queens on the stage move in unison, their shimmery dresses reflecting the light from the disco ball back down the isle and upon Vinnie DeAngelo – it was like a spotlight following his every step. “Happy Valentines Day,” Vinnie DeAngelo says as he finally reaches me. I needed a Xanax, a Valium, a Viagra, anything, hadn't I dreamt this? I breathe in, calming myself and, after a moment ask, “How've you been?” “Busy, on the road mostly,” he responds. A young, hardbody, presumably hairless too, walks up to us and says, “You're Vinnie DeAngelo, aren't you?” “Beat it, kid,” I mutter but the thin and hairless just talks over me, “My buddies would just flip to meet you, can I buy you a drink?” Vinnie DeAngelo looks at me and then says, “Sure, catch you later Walter” and follows the hardbody up the stairs to the second floor lounge. I turn to my now empty martini glass and hear, “I'd like to buy you a drink.” A 60 something cougar is leaning against me, “But I'd need to know what you're working with first.” “About an inch,” I respond. “That's a shame,” I hear as I head towards the exit and then, "BINGO!"

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