A new ad for French automaker Renault's Twingo features the wedding of two men.

In the 30-second ad, a mature man and a young woman are seen walking down the isle as a young man waits for them at the other end.

“Congratulations dad,” the woman says with a kiss on the cheek when the pair reach the young man.

The happy couple is cheered on as they exit the building holding hands and carrying a young girl.

“Times have changed,” a male announcer says as the couple head toward a second generation Twingo. (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

In 2010, Renault released a suggestive ad for Twingo in Italy that featured a woman being seduced by another woman. The ad sparked controversy and the automaker eventually pulled it from rotation.

The Twingo is a small city car which first went on sale in 1993. The Twingo II arrived in 2007. And a redesigned Twingo – the Twingo III – is set to launch later this year.