Joel Osteen of the Houston megachurch Lakewood Church told Oprah Winfrey that he believes being gay is a sin.

The 48-year-old Osteen, who is currently pitching his new book Everyday a Friday, added gay men and women can be accepted into heaven.

“You have to have forgiveness for your sins,” Osteen said, “but sometimes we look at gay being, you know, a bigger sin than being proud or being, you know, not telling the truth. I don't think God categorizes sins. To think we are all going to be without one sin; I hope that's true, but I don't think any of us would make it to heaven.”

“Now I would encourage people to be willing to change and grow,” he added.

When Winfrey asked Osteen whether he believes being gay is a sin, he answered in the affirmative.

“I believe that homosexuality is shown as a sin in the scripture,” he responded. “I do.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)