Rick Perry's, Newt Gingrich's, Mitt Romney's and Michele Bachmann's ties to the gay community are cited as reasons for gay folks to vote GOP in 2012.

“I stretched my powers of imagination and came up with a list of The Top Ten Gay Reasons to Vote GOP in the 2012 presidential elections,” wrote Jim Lopata in a story by the Boston Spirit Magazine, a publication of The Boston Globe.

President Barack Obama's gay marriage views are not “evolving” quickly enough was listed at number 10, followed by allegations that former Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Richard Nixon were gay, and the fact that former GOP Chairman Ken Mehlman is openly gay.

Rick Santorum's Google problem (“Google 'Santorum,'” Lopata urges) is listed at number six.

Republican presidential candidate Fred Karger is openly gay.

Michele Bachmann's husband Marcus Bachmann might be gay is the fourth reason on the list for gay folks to vote for the GOP.

Allegations that Rick Perry could be gay have surfaced once again in a new book titled Head Figure Head by Glen Maxey.

“Okay, so no major media outlet is touching this rumor, but, that just means that Perry could be the ultimate stealth gay rights candidate, right?” Lopata wrote. “And I mean far right.”

Newt Gingrich's half-sister is openly lesbian.

And Mitt Romney's on-again off-again love for the gay community could return in 2012 is the number one reason cited for gay folks to vote for Republicans in the coming year.