Ron Paul on Sunday reiterated his claim that AIDS patients victimize citizens by forcing others to pay for their care.

In his 1987 book Freedom Under Siege, Paul wrote that “The individual suffering from AIDS certainly is a victim – frequently a victim of his own lifestyle – but this same individual victimizes innocent citizens by forcing them to pay for his care.”

When Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace asked about the comments, Paul answered: “I don't know how you can change science. I mean sexually transmitted diseases are caused by sexual activity. And when it's promiscuous, it spreads diseases. … In a free society people do dumb things, but it isn't to be placed as a burden on other people, innocent people.”

“Why should they have to pay for the consequences?” Paul said.

The Texas Representative, who is expected to be a big winner in Tuesday's Iowa caucuses, added that he was not saying that the law should deny AIDS patients health coverage but suggested that people at high-risk of contracting AIDS should carry a heavier burden.

“If people are smokers, don't they have to pay more? Sometimes you get your insurance cheaper if you're a non-smoker. That's all I'm talking about and let the market sort this out and let insurance sort this out.”

“You don't have a right to demand that somebody else take care of you because of your habits,” he added.