The upcoming sixteenth season of ABC's reality dating show The Bachelor will feature bisexual bachelorette Monica Spannbauer.

The show, which is set to debut on Monday, January 2, brings back Ben Flajnik, who finished runner-up in the seventh season of The Bachelorette, as the dashing bachelor romancing 26 young women, including Sheryl, a retiree who says age is just a number.

According to celebrity glossy In Touch Weekly, Spannbauer, a 33-year-old dental consultant from Yuba City, California, will “make waves when she makes a move on one of the other women.” The magazine teases Spannbauer is bisexual and flirting with another contestant with the cover caption, “Ben's gay scandal!”

That other woman happens to be Blakely Shea, a 34-year-old VIP cocktail waitress from Rutherfordton, North Carolina, The Bachelor fansite by reported on Saturday.

“Monica seems to have a talent for creating controversy,” the glossy wrote in Spannbauer's mini bio. “In the first episode alone, she's seen fighting, talking smack and, in a Bachelor first, putting the moves on one of the other bachelorettes.”