The Ron Paul campaign has denied claims made by former aide Eric Dondero that Paul is “uncomfortable around homosexuals.”

In an op-ed published Monday on Right Wing News, Dondero, who worked for Paul during various campaigns going back as far as 1987, weighed in on the controversy of whether Paul knew about racist and homophobic writings in the newsletters he published in the 1980s and 90s.

The former aide said Paul is “not all bigoted towards homosexuals” but added that the Texas Representative is “personally uncomfortable around homosexuals.”

Paul “supports their rights to do whatever they please in their private lives.”

Dondero detailed two incidents to support his claim. In one, Paul refused to use the bathroom of an openly gay supporter and in the second he “swatted” away the hand of another.

“Eric Dondero is a disgruntled former staffer who was fired for performance issues,” Paul spokesman Jesse Benton told CBS News in an email. “He has zero credibility and should not be taken seriously.”

Dondero denied that he had been fired: “I dispute that vehemently.”

“I'm speaking out about what I saw as his employee – from my perspective. People are getting a lot of things wrong on both sides,” he added.