A historic homecoming kiss by a lesbian military couple as the USS Oak Hill docked in Virginia Beach after 80 days at sea has been condemned by The Tea Party Nation, media watchdog RightWingWatch.org reported.

Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Marissa Gaeta won the right to be the first to exit the vessel and be greeted by her partner, Petty Officer 3rd Class Citlalic Shell.

The women shared a kiss on the pier as a crowd waved flags around them.

A picture and a link to the story was posted on Obama's re-election blog (barackobama.tumblr.com) along with the caption: “President Obama signed the repeal of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' into law one year ago today.”

The Party Nation's Alan Caruba condemned the Navy for sanctioning a “sexual aberration.”

“The U.S. military has been used by gay and lesbian advocacy groups as a petri dish to force social change,” Caruba wrote in a message to members.

“When I was in the Army in the 1960s …. there was no such thing as 'gay rights' and, were it not for the incessant demands for them, they would not exist today. Gays and lesbians play on the inherent sense of fairness and tolerance that is a hallmark of American society. The result is that homosexuality is now widely represented in popular culture to the point of being accepted as 'normal.' It is not 'normal.' It is a sexual aberration involving a very small portion of the overall population, perhaps no more than four percent. Always was, always will be.”

“The photo of two Navy lesbians kissing represents the 'progress' that a vocal minority has made, given the support of liberal politicians on both sides of the aisle working against the tide of resistance of majority Americans who are fighting the social implications of 'gay rights,' the demands for 'gay marriage,' and the influence over young minds passing through government school systems.”