Disney employees have reached out to troubled gay teens in an It Gets Better video.

The It Gets Better Project encourages bullied LGBT teens considering suicide to hang in there, because life eventually gets better.

“Life was tough growing up,” says a staffer named Dexter. “Growing up in a small community, a conservative community … the expectation to be a certain way was definitely there, and I did not fit the mold.”

“I was kicked, punched, spit on, pushed, shoved, called every name you can possibly think of. But I remember thinking that while that was bad the worst part was the rejection. The feeling of always being alone,” he later adds.

Megan says she was asked to leave her high school cheerleading squad and faced potential school expulsion due to her sexuality.

“Your differences are going to blossom when you get older and they're probably blossoming now,” says Lisa. “So don't let anyone fit you into a mold that you don't fit into.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

Disney is the latest large corporation to create such a video, joining Intel, Dell, Google, Microsoft and Apple.