ESPN's Bruce Jacobs has apologized for anti-gay remarks he made during Tuesday's broadcast of Game On With Bruce Jacobs.

While discussing two WNBA teams – the Los Angeles Sparks and the Phoenix Mercury – Jacobs described them as the “Los Angeles Lesbians” and the “Phoenix Duke-ury.”

“My comments yesterday were ridiculous, stupid and amateurish,” Jacobs said the following day. “I apologize for even uttering the comments, whether you heard them or not, whether you were offended or not.”

A Facebook campaign to get Jacobs fired had received 64 likes by Thursday, but the Albany, New York-based radio host told the Times Union that he did not deserve to be fired.

“We live in a society today where no matter what you say, you're a bigot or you're a racist,” Jacobs told the paper. “I don't like it, but it comes with the territory. So obviously I think that's ridiculous.”

In his on-air apology, Jacobs denied he was anti-gay.

“Bigoted, not even close. If you know me, and a lot of you folks don't know me, I don't do judgment on people, their personal lifestyles. … I'm all about equality. I have zero issues with gays, lesbians. I make jokes about everything.”