Report claims Anderson Cooper is preparing to announce he's gay on his talk show during February sweeps.

According to, Cooper will attend a Christmas party on Thursday with bar owner and presumed boyfriend Benjamin Maisani.

“Daytime talk show Anderson is having their first Christmas party tomorrow night, 15 December, at the Russian Tea Room. Anderson Cooper is bringing Benjamin Maisani. And introducing him as his 'boyfriend' to the staff,” an unnamed tipster is quoted as saying. “The staff is prepping Anderson's 'coming out' show for the next sweeps. Check the ratings. They're getting desperate.”

“Yes, Anderson's ratings aren't that hot, but aren't totally abysmal either,” Gawker observed. “Also, they can't be that desperate since the show was renewed for season two. But a bump in the ratings around sweeps time sure would be great, and what better way than outing Anderson – something journalists have been doing for years to great effect.”

Forty-four-year-old Cooper, a perennial on gay glossy Out's annual list of the most powerful and influential gay people in America, has neither confirmed nor denied rumors that he's gay.