Stephen Colbert has sided with Rick Perry's sentiment on Christmas and gay troops in his ad Strong.

In Strong, which was released on Monday in early caucus state Iowa, Perry says there is something wrong with America when gay troops can serve openly in the military but children cannot openly celebrate Christmas.

On his Comedy Central show The Colbert Report, Colbert rushed to Perry's defense.

“Governor Perry is right. Thanks to the gays, our children can't openly celebrate the birth of our savior in school, and yet these gays in the military can openly celebrate their favorite holiday: being away from their family, risking their lives in Afghanistan.”

“I for one am offended by those who would condemn the Christmas lifestyle. They don't understand that unlike being gay, loving Christmas is not a choice.”

“I was attracted to Christmas at a very early age. I didn't totally understand it, but it got me very excited. I remember looking at a present and just aching for it. I saw a gingerbread man and I wanted him in my mouth.”

Colbert then calls in 2 Santas who begin to make out under the mistletoe.

“Oh yeah. Somebody's sugar plums are dancing.”

“In your face gays,” Colbert taunts. “Governor Perry, you're welcome!”