Outgoing Raleigh, North Carolina Mayor Charles Meeker has called on the City Council to take a stand against a proposed constitutional amendment that would bar all legal recognition of gay and lesbian couples, including marriage, civil unions and possibly domestic partnerships, the News Observer reported.

Voters will consider the issue during May's Republican primary.

The City Council will decide whether to take a stand on the issue at its meeting on Tuesday.

“This kind of effort to divide our community for political purposes is just wrong,” Meeker said during a Unity Day forum at the Raleigh Convention Center.

Chris Moutos, chairman of the Human Rights Commission, which recommended the City Council oppose the amendment, said he hopes the council will take his commission's advice.

“I'm hoping it will be well-received and our City Council members will vote to make Raleigh an inclusive city where everybody is welcome,” he said.

Meeker, a Democrat who did not run for re-election, leaves office on Monday after 10 years on the job.

Raleigh is considering extending benefits to the spouses of domestic partners.