A San Diego couple has claimed a United Airlines agent used a gay slur against them, CBS Denver affiliate 7NEWS reported.

Billy Canu and his partner say the incident occurred at Denver International Airport on Saturday.

In a Facebook post, Canu says they were treated rudely when they asked about the United lounge and when they complained the manager called them “faggots.”

“We were initially ignored as all five were chatting to each other,” Canu said of approaching United's customer service desk.

The staff argued openly about who would help the couple.

One employee “told us that Gold access was for international only as 'those tickets cost more' in a very condescending tone,” Canu wrote.

When the men complained that they had been treated rudely, the manager, Rodney Hill, appeared and demanded that they leave or he would remove them from the airport.

As they walked away, Hill shouted “idiots.”

“Angered at this my partner attempted to walk back to challenge him, my partner shouted 'What was that” and Hill replied, 'What faggots?' before walking to the customer service desk.”

In a statement offered to Denver's 7NEWS, United spokeswoman Megan McCarthy said the airline “does not tolerate discrimination of any kind.”

“We have received this complaint and are reviewing, and we will reach out to the customer directly,” she said.