Radio host Rush Limbaugh has blamed gay acceptance for 15-year-old gay teen Lawrence King's murder, Equality Matters reported.

17-year-old Brandon McInerney on Monday pleaded guilty to the second-degree murder of King, who was shot twice in the back of the head during an E.O. Green Junior High School computer class on the morning of February 12, 2008. He died in the hospital on Valentine's Day.

King, who told friends and family that he was gay and often wore makeup to school, was thought to either have a crush on McInerney or to delight in teasing the boy, then 14.

Limbaugh told listeners on Tuesday that school officials were partially to blame for King's death because they were promoting a gay agenda.

“Now we're told in Newsweek that an assistant principal was encouraging this kid to be flamboyant because it furthered an agenda,” Limbaugh said. “I wonder what that agenda could have possibly been?”

Limbaugh reacted in disbelief to the news that school officials told King's mother that her son had a civil right to explore his sexual identity.

“Meaning he has a right to come to school dressed as a girl. He had a right to come to school dressed in female attire – wearing dresses. He had a right to explore whether or not he was a woman in a boy's body. He had the right to explore whether at some point he was going to need a chop-a-dick-offa-me operation.”