Adam Pally says he's looking forward to making out with James Wolk on ABC's Wednesday night comedy Happy Endings.

The 26-year-old Wolk is preparing to join the Happy Endings cast playing the former and new boyfriend of Pally's Max, the show's non-stereotypical gay character.

“He's funny and he's a good-looking guy,” Pally told E! Online. “I'm just shocked that it's a guy that Max could get, so we'll see what happens.

On kissing, Pally said: “We are going to make out. Most people make out in their relationships, so I would assume so. I would hope that we would be making out.”

Wolk starred as Robert Allen, a Texas con-man who leads a double life as husband to one woman and boyfriend to another, in the quickly canceled Fox drama Lone Star. He also played Will Olsen in 2010 comedy film You Again.

Last season, Max Greenfield guest starred on the show to date Max for one episode.

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