A campaign from clothier the United Colors of Benetton has caused controversy for manipulating images of world leaders kissing, including President Barack Obama locking lips with Venezuela's Hugo Chavez.

Benetton's Unhate campaign also includes manipulated images of Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu smooching Palestinian National Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Pope Benedict XVI kissing Ahmed el Tyyeb, imam of the Al-Azhar Mosque in Cairo.

“We want to reaffirm the value of the brand. We are going back to the tradition of [Benetton] and will make the most of this,” Benetton CEO Alessandro Benetton told The Independent. “At this time, when something bad is happening in the world, we want to focus people's eyes on the positives. This campaign is about reconciliation and acceptance.” (An Unhate campaign promotional video is embedded in the right panel of this panel. Visit our video library for more videos.)

While the campaign also includes French President Nicolas Sarkozy smooching German Chancellor Angela Merkel, one critic suggested the campaign's message was that gay sex leads to world peace.

“The only psychological interpretation of such ads that makes sense to me as a psychiatrist is that the corporate leaders at Benetton literally believe that homosexual sex between world leaders – or at least homosexuality as an orientation – would lead to world peace,” wrote Dr. Keith Ablow in an op-ed published on Fox News.

“In the collective mind of Benetton, if religious leaders and political figures would just have sex with one another all would be well,” he added.

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