Professional soccer player David Testo has said he treated his former boyfriend Shane Landrum badly.

In a wide-ranging interview with gay sports blog, Testo, who came out publicly last week, talked about living in the closet and his relationship with Landrum, an alum of MTV's Road Rules.

“In some respects, I didn't even treat him like a human being,” Testo, 30, said.

Testo reportedly hid Landrum in a bathroom when teammates dropped in and pushed him out of their apartment during extended visits.

But the relationship slowly helped Testo to reconcile with his sexual orientation.

“I don't think if I dated Shane I'd be as open as I am because it forced me to tell so many people,” he said.

He added that coming out publicly for professional athletes remains difficult.

“Being gay to your teammates and your organization is very different from being gay publicly,” he said. “When you travel you have a big target on your back for ridicule. I think that's why athletes don't come out. You put a target on your back.”

The North Carolina native has previously played for the Vancouver Whitecaps, the Columbus Crew and Richmond Kickers. He joined the Montreal Impact in 2007 but is without a contract.