Actress Joan Collins has chided Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard for not backing gay marriage.

The 78-year-old Collins was in Australia on a speaking tour last week.

Gillard over the weekend announced she would allow a conscience vote for Labor MPs on the issue but reiterated her personal opposition to allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry – severely undermining the move.

During a Q&A session in Sydney, a marriage equality advocate asked Collins what her 80s Dynasty character Alexis Colby would tell Gillard on the subject of legalizing marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples.

“What would Alexis, as the mother of a gay son, tell our prime minister about her opposition to gay marriage?” Alex Greenwich asked, gay news site reported.

“What! She doesn't support it?” the gay icon rhetorically asked.

“She would tell her to get with the times!” she added.

Greenwich later joked about the evening: “I was able to combine two of my favorite things – marriage equality and Dynasty in the one night!”