Singer George Michael has called a gay storyline on BBC One's long-running soap EastEnders out of touch.

Referring to a storyline between Syed Masood (played by Marc Elliot) and Christian Clarke (John Partridge), Michael called the show “insulting” and accused producers of attempting to scare teens struggling with their sexuality.

The 48-year-old Michael lashed out at the show in a series of tweets.

“I think that soaps are hugely influential in modern Britain. They should reflect sexuality in just the same terms that they reflect race and integration. Positively. And without stereotypes. In this respect they are failing us all. Spectacularly,” he messaged to his more than 275,000 followers.

On the soap, Syed, who arrived in 2009, had a falling out with his family over his sexual orientation.

“Gay people deserve better than the BBC's pathetic attempts to 'represent' us.”

“The relationship between Sayed [sic] and Christian is the most insulting piece of bullshit on British television right now. Insulting to the gay community, insulting to the muslim community, and in the meantime, terrifying every gay child that is struggling to come to terms with their sexuality, and the prospect of coming out to their family, whatever their religion,” Michael ranted.

“So far, Christian has been beaten up 3 times that I can remember, and is now accused of child molestation. Sayed has been disowned and is now mistreating his partner shamelessly, presumably because he is now a confused bisexual after all.”

“Total fucking bullshit!”