Jamie Clayton, who makes her debut on Sunday's episode of Hung, says not all transgender people are the same.

In the HBO series, Thomas Jane plays high school teacher Ray Drecker, a struggling divorcee and father of two teenagers living in suburban Detroit. With the help of former girlfriend Tanya Skagle (played by Jane Adams), Ray begins moonlighting as a male prostitute after a house fire leaves him with few options. The pair call their business Happiness Consultants.

In Sunday's episode, titled Money on the Floor, Drecker's new client is a transgender woman, Kyla, played by newcomer Clayton.

The San Diego native told gay glossy The Advocate that she realized she was “different” at 19 and that people need to recognize that not all transgender people are the same.

“I think personally that the biggest misconceptions is that we're all the same,” Clayton said. “I think what people need to realize is that, with trans people, we're like everybody else. No group of people are the same. All women are not the same, all men are not the same, all children are not the same. It's the same thing with trans people – we're all so different, we have different goals, different dreams, and different aspirations. For me, at the end of the day, I want to be judged for my work, not for what I've been through and past experiences, necessarily.”