Virginia: GOP-Led Committee Kills Transgender 'Bathroom Bill'

A Republican-led committee on Thursday killed a bill that sought to bar transgender people from using the bathroom of their choice

Cher, Alec Baldwin, Robert De Niro Protest Trump Inauguration

A bevy of celebrities on Thursday attended a massive protest against President-elect Donald Trump

Obama Proud Of LGBT Rights Legacy

During his final news conference from the White House, President Barack Obama reflected on the gains made by LGBT activists during his presidency

Radio Host: Chelsea Manning Commutation Shows Obama Has 'Weakness' For LGBT Community

Jesse Lee Peterson, the host of The Jesse Lee Peterson Radio Show, on Wednesday criticized President Barack Obama's decision to commute most of Chelsea Manning's remaining prison sentence

Gay Activists Hold 'Queer Dance Party' Outside Mike Pence's House

Gay activists on Wednesday held a 'queer dance party' outside the home of Vice President-elect Mike Pence

Widow Of Orlando Gunman Omar Mateen Pleads Not Guilty To Aiding Husband

Noor Salman on Wednesday pleaded not guilty to two federal charges in connection with the June 12 attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando.

Betsy DeVos Asked Whether She Supports 'Ex-Gay' Therapy

At her Senate confirmation hearing on Tuesday, Betsy DeVos was asked whether she supports therapies that claim to alter the sexual orientation or gender identity of LGBT people

Obama Commutes Most Of Chelsea Manning's Sentence

President Barack Obama on Tuesday commuted most of Chelsea Manning's remaining prison sentence

Virginia Senate Committee Kills Gay Marriage Ban Repeal Bill

A Senate committee on Monday killed a bill that sought to update Virginia's laws that prohibit gay and lesbian couples from marrying or entering a civil union

FBI Arrests Wife Of Pulse Nightclub Gunman

The FBI on Monday arrested the wife of the lone gunman who last year killed 49 people and injured dozens when he opened fire in Orlando's Pulse nightclub

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