'Ex-Gay' Pastor Claims It's Common Sense To Deny Gays Marriage

An ex-gay' activist over the weekend claimed that 'anyone with a brain' can understand why gays and lesbians should not be allowed to marry

Utah: Majority Support Gay Protections, Oppose Marriage Equality

A majority of Utahns oppose marriage equality and support passage of a statewide non-discrimination law, a poll has found

Bryan Fischer: Gays 'Not Qualified To Hold Public Office'

Christian conservative Bryan Fischer on Monday asserted that gay people are 'not qualified to hold public office'

FRC's Peter Sprigg Uses Robin Williams' Suicide To Promote 'Ex-Gay' Therapy

FRC's Peter Sprigg used the death of actor-comedian Robin Williams to promote 'ex-gay' therapy

Conservative Credits Topless Women For Popularity Of Gay Pride Parade

A prominent member of an Ohio church has credited topless women for the increasing popularity of Columbus' annual Gay Pride parade

Linda Harvey: Ban Gay Pride Parades

Christian conservative Linda Harvey claims Gay Pride parades are a bad influence on young people and should be banned

83% Of Adults Say Being Gay Not A Barrier To Elected Office

More than 8 in 10 adults say whether a politician is gay wouldn't make a difference in how they vote

Gay Georgia Candidate Timothy Swiney Hopes To Marry Partner In Virginia

An openly gay candidate in Georgia says he hopes to marry his partner of 16 years in Virginia