Married Gay Couple Denied Communion; Catholic Priest Says They Must Divorce

A married gay couple has been denied communion and told they can no longer participate in church ministry unless they separate and divorce

Linda Harvey Blames LGBT Youth Centers For Rise In HIV Among Young Adults

Christian conservative Linda Harvey has described LGBT youth centers as 'homosexual sex centers' where 'kids are being preyed upon by older homosexuals'

Judge Delays Ruling On Case Challenging West Virginia's Gay Marriage Ban

A federal judge has delayed ruling in a case challenging West Virginia's ban on gay marriage

Scott Lively Accuses HRC Of 'Deliberately Trying To Incite Murder Against Me'

Anti-gay activist Scott Lively has accused the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) of 'deliberately trying to incite murder' against him

San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener Says He's Taking Truvada To Reduce Risk Of HIV

An openly gay San Francisco supervisor announced this week that he's taking Truvada to reduce the risk of contracting HIV

GOP Rep. Robert Pittenger: Firing Gays Is 'Freedom We Enjoy'

North Carolina Representative Robert Pittenger, a Republican, is facing criticism over comments interpreted as anti-gay at a recent town hall meeting

Coach Tied To Brutal Philadelphia Beating Of Gay Couple Resigns From Job

An assistant coach on Thursday resigned from his job at a Roman Catholic high school over his alleged participation in the brutal beating of a gay couple in Philadelphia

Linda Harvey: Gay Rights Lead To Abortions

Christian conservative Linda Harvey and Molly Smith, director of Cleveland Right to Life, agree that anti-choice activists must also oppose gay rights