Gay Rights Opponents Work To Defeat LGBT Protections Bill In Jacksonville

Opponents of LGBT rights are looking to expand on their victory in Houston by blocking passage of a similar bill in Jacksonville, Florida

Despite Laws, Transgender People Face Continued Violence, Discrimination In Argentina

The New York Times over the weekend looked at the continued violence and discrimination transgender Argentines face

Baptists Sever Ties With Greenville Church Over Wedding Of Gay Couple

A South Carolina Baptist Church has been pushed out from Baptist organizations over the wedding of a gay couple

51% Of Japanese Support Gay Marriage

A majority of Japanese support changing the island nation's laws to allow gay and lesbian couples to marry

Video Asks People What They Would Do If Their Child Were Gay

A three-minute video released last week asks people of various cultures what they would do if their child were gay or lesbian

States Keep Laws Criminalizing HIV Despite Being Treatable

A majority of states have HIV-specific criminal laws and continue to criminalize behaviors that pose a low risk for HIV transmission

Arkansas Seeks Stay In Gay Couples' Birth Certificate Ruling

The Arkansas Department of Health has asked a judge to stay his ruling ordering the agency to record the names of both spouses in a same-sex marriage on the birth certificates of their children

Cyprus Approves Civil Unions Bill For Gay Couples

The Cyprus House of Representatives on Thursday approved a much-anticipated civil unions bill

Mexican Top Court Strikes Down Jalisco's Gay Marriage Ban

The First Chamber of the Mexican Supreme Court of Justice on Wednesday struck down an article of civil code in the state of Jalisco that prohibited gay couples from marrying

Message Of Famous Footwear Ad Featuring Gay Dads: Family Matters Most

The message behind a new Famous Footwear commercial that features two dads is that family matters most

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