Judge Temporarily Sets Aside Ruling Striking Down Alabama's Gay Marriage Ban

A federal judge on Sunday temporarily set aside her ruling striking down Alabama's ban on gay marriage

Plaintiffs In Alabama Gay Marriage Case Oppose Stay, Ask Judge For Clarification

Plaintiffs challenging Alabama's ban on gay marriage have asked a federal judge not to stay her ruling and to clarify whether it applies statewide

Ben Carson Warns Gay Couples Against Pushing Bakers: They Might Poison Your Wedding Cake

Conservative celebrity and potential presidential candidate Ben Carson warned gay couples against pushing baker opposed to gay marriage, saying it isn't 'smart'

Tony Perkins: Judge Overstepped Her Authority In Striking Down Alabama's Gay Marriage Ban

Tony Perkins, president of the Christian conservative Family Research Council (FRC), criticized a federal judge's ruling striking down Alabama's ban on gay marriage

Baker Sued For Refusing To Make Anti-Gay Cake Raises Cash For Legal Expenses

A Colorado baker under investigation for refusing to write an anti-gay message on a cake reached a funding goal to cover legal expenses in one day

Alabama Asks Judge To Stay Gay Marriage Ruling

Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange has asked a federal judge to stay her ruling striking down the state's ban on gay marriage

Mike Huckabee Denies He's Homophobic, Just Applying God's Standard To Gay Rights

Possible Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee recently told televangelist Jim Bakker that he's not homophobic

Federal Judge Declares Alabama's Gay Marriage Ban Unconstitutional

A federal judge on Friday struck down Alabama's ban on gay marriage as unconstitutional