Chicago Public Schools Says Transgender Students Can Use The Bathroom Of Their Choice

Chicago Public Schools announced on Tuesday that transgender students and facility in their schools can use the bathroom and locker room that matches their gender identity

Justice Department Says North Carolina's Anti-Gay Law Violates Civil Rights Act

The Justice Department on Wednesday told North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory that a state law that targets the LGBT community violates the U.S. Civil Rights Act and Title IX

Oxford, Alabama Repeals Law That Blocked Target's Transgender Bathroom Policy

Oxford, Alabama on Wednesday repealed a law that blocked Target's transgender bathroom policy by banning transgender people from using the bathroom that they identify with

John Kasich To Quit Presidential Race

NBC News is reporting that Ohio Governor John Kasich will end his bid for the White House during a press conference scheduled to take place at 5PM on Wednesday

Conservative Group Denies It's 'Testing' Target's Transgender Policy

The Christian conservative group behind a boycott against Target over its transgender bathroom policy on Tuesday denied it is testing the policy by sending men into women's restrooms

Illinois Man Arrested Protesting Target's Transgender Bathroom Policy

An Illinois man was arrested Monday protesting Target's transgender bathroom policy

Minnesota College System Bars Teams From Travel To North Carolina Over Anti-Gay Law

A controversial law in North Carolina that targets the LGBT community has spurred a Minnesota state university system to prohibit athletic teams from traveling to the state

Ted Cruz Drops Out Of Presidential Race

After losing Indiana on Tuesday to Donald Trump, Ted Cruz dropped out of the race to become the Republican presidential nominee

Transgender Protections Bill Advances In Massachusetts

Lawmakers in Massachusetts on Friday advanced two transgender protections bills

IKEA, Merck, AIG Join Nearly 200 Businesses Opposed To North Carolina's Anti-Gay Law

IKEA, Merck and AIG are among the latest companies to join nearly 200 businesses opposed to a North Carolina law that targets the LGBT community

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