Ted Cruz: Democrats' Devotion To 'Mandatory Gay Marriage' Trumps Religious Liberty

May 22, 2015

Texas Senator Ted Cruz on Thursday vowed to stand for the right of Christians to refuse to serve gay and lesbian couples based on their religious beliefs

Ted Cruz: 'ISIS Is Executing Homosexuals – You Want To Talk About Gay Rights?'

May 20, 2015

Texas Senator Ted Cruz on Tuesday accused the media of being obsessed with sex after fielding several questions on marriage equality

New York Lawmaker Calls For Ban On Travel To Louisiana Over 'Religious Freedom' Order

May 20, 2015

A New York lawmaker is calling on Governor Andrew Cuomo to ban state-funded travel to Louisiana following an executive order signed by Governor Bobby Jindal

Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum Address Iowa Group Opposed To Gay Marriage

May 20, 2015

Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum on Monday attended an event sponsored by an Iowa group opposed to marriage equality

Bobby Jindal Issues 'Religious Freedom' Order After House Bill Dies

May 20, 2015

Within hours after Louisiana lawmakers shelved a controversial 'religious freedom' bill, Governor Bobby Jindal responded by issuing an executive order

Hillary Clinton Stumps From Home Of Married Gay Couple In Iowa

May 19, 2015

Hillary Clinton met with local Democratic activists on Monday at the home of a married gay couple in Iowa

Jeb Bush: 'Hard To Fathom' Need For Marriage Equality

May 18, 2015

In an interview with Christian broadcaster CBN's David Brody, Jeb Bush said that he does not believe that gay couples have a constitutional right to marry

Lindsey Graham '99.9% Sure' He'll Run For President

May 18, 2015

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham said last week that he's '99.9 percent sure' he'll run for president

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