Barney Frank: Ben Carson Is 'Abysmally Ignorant' On Gay Rights

March 23, 2015

In an interview Sunday with CNN, former congressman Barney Frank called Ben Carson's statement that prison can make you gay 'abysmally ignorant'

Barney Frank Would Like Know When Ben Carson Decided To Be Straight

March 19, 2015

In an interview with Salon.com, former congressman Barney Frank said Republicans are 'getting worse' at LGBT rights

SNL's Weekend Update: Unfortunately For Ben Carson Elections Are A Choice

March 09, 2015

Ben Carson's remarks that being gay is a choice became a recurring joke on Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update

Rand Paul 'Offended' By Gay Marriage

March 08, 2015

Kentucky senator and potential GOP presidential candidate Rand Paul said on Friday that allowing gay couples to marry 'offends' him

Glenn Beck Declares Ben Carson's Campaign Over After Saying Prison Turns People Gay

March 08, 2015

Conservative commentator Glenn Beck has declared Ben Carson's presidential career over after he stated that prison sex proves that being gay is a choice

Dan Savage Invites Ben Carson To Suck His D*ck To See If He Turns Gay

March 07, 2015

Gay rights activist, author and syndicated columnist Dan Savage has invited Ben Carson to suck his dick

Ben Carson's Campaign In Trouble Over Apology For Anti-Gay Remarks, Bryan Fischer Says

March 06, 2015

Bryan Fischer thinks Ben Carson's presidential aspirations are on shaky ground after he apologized for saying that prison can make people gay

Bryan Fischer Wants GOP Candidates To Answer Ben Carson Question: Is Being Gay Choice?

March 05, 2015

Christian conservative Bryan Fischer says he wants every GOP presidential candidate to answer 'the Ben Carson question': Is being gay a choice?

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