Despite Appeals Court Ruling, Bobby Jindal Blocks Louisiana Recognition Of Gay Marriages

July 02, 2015

Republican Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal on Wednesday announced that state agencies may not recognize the marriages of gay and lesbian couples

Chris Christie Is 14th GOP Presidential Candidate

July 01, 2015

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on Tuesday threw his hat into the race for the White House, becoming the 14th Republican to do so

Ted Cruz Promises To Run On Opposition To Gay Marriage, Obamacare

June 30, 2015

Speaking Sunday to NPR, Texas Senator Ted Cruz said that his campaign for the White House will feature his opposition to marriage equality and Obamacare

Ben Carson Hopes Congress Reverses Gay Marriage Ruling With 'Creative' Law

June 30, 2015

Ben Carson said Friday that he hopes Congress will reverse the Supreme Court ruling declaring state bans on gay marriage unconstitutional with a 'creative' law

Rand Paul Reacts To Supreme Court Ruling: Let's Do Away With Civil Marriage

June 29, 2015

In an op-ed published in Time, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul reacts to the Supreme Court's decision striking down state bans on gay marriage

Mike Huckabee: Clerks Opposed To Gay Marriage Should Be Excused

June 29, 2015

Mike Huckabee said Sunday that clerks opposed to marriage equality should be excused from having to issue marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples

Bobby Jindal Says Louisiana Will Comply With Supreme Court Gay Marriage Ruling

June 29, 2015

Republican Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said Sunday that his state will comply with the Supreme Court ruling striking down state bans on gay marriage

Ted Cruz: Gay Marriage Ruling Has No Connection To U.S. Constitution

June 27, 2015

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz on Friday denounced the Supreme Court's ruling striking down state bans on gay marriage

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