Rick Santorum has said he won't compromise on his opposition to allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry.

The 53-year-old Santorum is widely considered the GOP presidential field's most vocal opponent of gay marriage.

When asked by the Des Moines Register, “Do you see yourself as ever reaching an understanding with the gay community on gay-rights issues?” Santorum answered that he could not “find an accommodation where there can be none.”

“You know, the gay community and those who support gay rights with respect to marriage in particular – no, I am not going to find an accommodation with that. That is a fundamental issue. People can live the life that they want to live, but now they are talking about changing the laws of the country to reflect a relationship that is not marriage. Calling it marriage does not make it marriage, and it undermines the institution itself. So, no, I can't find an accommodation where there can be none,” he said.

The former Pennsylvania senator, who continues to campaign heavily in early caucus state Iowa, also said pork burgers were the best thing to eat in the state.

“I have to tell you the thing that I have enjoyed the most that I never had before I came here was a pork burger,” he said, then added, “The best thing that I have had in Iowa was a pork chop at the fair.”

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