JP Marzullo, a vice chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party, has come out against repeal of the state's gay marriage law.

In an op-ed titled I Believe in God, Liberty and My Gay Son published Tuesday in the Concord Monitor, Marzullo called on colleagues to abandon their attempts to repeal the law.

“I ask those who represent us in the Legislature to think about this when they are ready to vote for the bill repealing same-sex marriage. One out of every three teenage suicides is related to being gay and the discrimination that they face every day,” Marzullo wrote.

“I am a defender of the values of families, country, freedom and liberty, but I am also the father of a gay son who contributes not only to our country but also to our family,” he added. “We are blessed to live in a state where we can all be free to pursue our own happiness.”

The House is expected in January to debate a bill that would repeal gay marriage and establish civil unions for any two adults competent to enter into a contract – including relatives.

Marzullo's piece was published on the same day that New Hampshire Rep. David Bates announced he had withdrawn his support for a bill that would constitutionally ban gay marriage in the state.