North Carolina State Senator James Forrester died on Monday after a brief hospitalization, the AP reported. He was 74.

Forrester's daughter, Mary Paige Forrester, said the Republican died shortly after he was taken off life support in the early morning.

“He passed very peacefully,” his daughter said.

Forrester, a physician by trade, was first elected to the Senate in 1991, where he often worked on health issues.

But he'll most likely be remembered for his sponsorship of a constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage in the state and the fiery rhetoric with which he campaigned for its passage.

Forrester tried for eight years to get his amendment through the General Assembly. In September, lawmakers decided to put the question up for a vote in May.

In advocating for the measure, Forrester called being gay an “unhealthy lifestyle” that would take at least 20 years off a person's life due to “the increased death rate from AIDS, and hepatitis, and all of the related factors to that.”

When a lesbian mother protested Forrester's anti-gay rhetoric, he told her to move to New York.