Michele Bachmann has lost the backing of anti-gay minister Bradlee Dean.

Dean is the founder of the ministry You Can Run But You Can't Hide International and the host of the syndicated radio program The Sons of Liberty.

In arguing in favor of a proposed amendment to the Minnesota constitution that would ban gay marriage in the state, Dean claimed sodomy is illegal and reiterated that he believes gay people are criminals.

The radical homosexuals want to re-educate America by teaching people of all ages to hate the laws that expose their crimes. So the next time you hear 'hate crimes,' remember that is the criminal who hates the law,” Dean wrote at his blog.

Bachmann, who as a state senator sponsored the anti-gay marriage amendment, appeared at several fundraisers for Dean's ministry and has previously lauded his work.

But in a radio commentary last week, Dean attacked Bachmann's integrity, saying her evasive answers “jacked me up.”

“I thought it was shameful conduct that she couldn't answer the question because if she's doing that now, what would she do if she was in the White House?”

Dean described Bachmann as “walking around with an open container of cheese” that stinks.

“Everybody knows who stinks, they're just figuring why that individual stinks,” he said. “But she's … that individual is walking around with her nose in the air like they are all that and a bag of chips and she doesn't realize that everybody is looking at her like lady, you stink.”