Linda Wall, 61, a conservative independent seeking a Virginia House of Delegates seat, has admitted to having a relationship with a female minor when she was in her early twenties.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Wall confirmed that she had an affair with a student when she was a junior high physical education teacher, but chalked it up to a youthful indiscretion.

“I've never tried to hide that I was in homosexuality,” Wall said. “If anybody Googles me, they would find that out there.”

“Forty years ago I was a different person. I was a heavy pot smoker with …. impaired judgment and made some bad choices. You do that out of college sometimes. Some people do, some people don't.”

Wall, who has lobbied lawmakers on behalf of the Family Foundation, a group opposed to gay marriage and allowing gay couples to adopt children, credited a Christian conversion years ago with altering her sexual orientation.

After the district superintendent got wind of the affair and confronted Wall, she resigned from the school but was never criminally charged.