Joel Osteen of the Houston megachurch Lakewood Church told The Washington Post that maybe more love could turn gay folks straight.

Osteen, who is currently pitching his new book Everyday a Friday, told Sally Quinn that he would attend but not officiate over the wedding of a gay couple because gay sex is a “sin.”

“I've said, for as long as I can remember, that I believe the Scripture to the best of my ability says that being … homosexuality is a sin. I had never been asked about attending a gay marriage. … If there was a family member or somebody you love, I would look at it as a respect to that person. But as a Christian minister, I couldn't in good faith marry two same-sex people because I believe it's not what the Scripture says,” Osteen said.

And he suggested that with love, gay people can alter their sexuality.

“Somebody that maybe had this certain difficulty now, maybe in five years they're not, if we will love them. You know, I think one of the messages I speak on sometimes is, you know, we can love people back into wholeness. But sometimes we want to beat them down – you got this addiction and you shouldn't have that, or you did this – I just don't think that's the best way.”

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