Rick Santorum appearing on controversial minister Bradlee Dean's radio program on Saturday urged gay marriage foes not to give up.

Santorum, who later in the day spoke at the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition, suggested that proponents of gay marriage have a wider agenda than just its legalization.

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“This is not about gay marriage, it is about changing what is right and wrong and fundamentally changing what people of faith can say and do in society,” Santorum said. “The ultimate objective here is to drive faith out of the public square, to drive morality out of the laws of this country, to secularize our society with a different set of values.”

“For us to say they are wining and we should quit, I can't accept that. They are not winning, first of all. ... There's been 32 votes in the country and [gay marriage] has lost every single time.”

“When you just ask this question generally, 'Well, is it okay for people to marry? Well, yes, it's okay' But when the debate is had in the states and people recognize what's at stake, people recognize how life will change if this is instituted, then they say, 'Oh, wait a minute. We'll be tolerant, but don't try to fundamentally change the entire moral structure of our country.' Which is exactly what this is about.”

Santorum also reminded listeners that he supports laws that outlaw sodomy.

“And I stood up from the very beginning back in 2003 when the Supreme Court was going to create a constitutional right to sodomy and said this is wrong we can't do this. We can't have a constitutional right to consensual sexual activity no matter what it is. Prior to that case, the court protected sex within the bond of marriage, because that's the sacred bond that government has a role of affirming and taking care of. But it didn't. There was no such thing our founders contemplated to say that any type of sexual consensual activity was constitutionally protected. And so I stood up when no one else did and got hammered for it. I stood up and I continue to stand up.”

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