Only 1 of 13 Minnesota-based Fortune 500 companies that offer partner benefits to gay and lesbian employees publicly opposes a proposed amendment that would ban gay marriage in the state.

The companies, nearly three-quarters of the state's Fortune 500 companies, were contacted by the Associated Press.

In addition to offering domestic partner benefits, many of the companies, such as Target and General Mills, have a long history of supporting gay rights causes.

A spokesman for St. Jude Medical, a medical device manufacturer, said the company would publicly oppose the amendment but had no plans to donate money to defeat the amendment.

“We do not believe the proposed constitutional amendment is in the best interest of economic and jobs growth in Minnesota,” said Rachel Ellingson, vice president for corporate communications at St. Jude Medical. “We believe that it is important for the state to be viewed as inclusive in order to recruit and retain the best talent.”

Target and seven other companies said they would not take a public position. The remainder did not provide a comment.

Gay rights groups said they were disappointed.

“It's our preference that employers who are committed to fairness and equality for all their employees would find opposing the amendment a reasonable position,” Fred Sainz, vice president of communications and marketing for the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), told the AP.