Adam Pally and guest star Larry Wilmore shared an awkward kiss on ABC's Wednesday night comedy Happy Endings.

Happy Endings, now in its second season, has yet to introduce a boyfriend for Pally's non-stereotypical gay character Max Blum.

Last season, in the episode titled You've Got Male, Max organizes a protest against a big coffee chain's entry into the neighborhood – he objects to the neighborhood's gentrification, which can only lead to families – only to pull back after he realizes that he's dating the store's owner, Ian, played by Max Greenfield. But Pally and Greenfield never shared an on-screen kiss and their relationship hasn't been heard from in season two.

This week, however, brought Pally's first same-sex on-screen kiss.

In Secrets and Limos, Max gets chummy with Brad Williams' (played by Damon Wayans) boss, who is played by Larry Wilmore (The Daily Show). The pair bond over Max's vintage limo. In the office, Max reaches in for a kiss after the boss tells him he's “a great guy.”

In retelling the story to Brad, Max says he was kicked out of the office because he “misread a moment.”